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2013 Good Year or Bad Year - New BEGINNING

Whether 2013 was a good year or a bad year for you, a new beginning starts tomorrow.
New Years resolutions sometimes include weight changes, exercise, new goals for motivation, relationship changes, smoking cessation, anger control, PTSD solutions, stress relief or overcoming fears, just to name a few. 
At the Mind Enhancement Center, we are here to help you achieve these solutions or new goals.  Let 2014 be a New Beginning for you. 

Public Speaking: America’s Most Common Fear!

National Institute of Mental Health listed Fear of Pubic Speaking Statistics on 3/28/12

74% suffer from fear of public speaking  (Most common fear)

75% of women;  73% of men.

5.3 million Americans have a social fear

3.2 million of American have a fear of crowded or public places

Speaking Fears can lead to avoidance of public events or large group gatherings and cause physical distress, high blood pressure, increased perspiration, dry mouth, nausea or tenseness in muscles or neck.  The anticipation can jump start the intense desire to flee the premises.

Special EFT and Hypnosis techniques can help eliminate or control these reactions  and restore balance to the body.  info@mindenhancementcenter.com   817-589-7407



  • letting go of the friend.
  • you won’t be able to enjoy life or handle stress.
  • you will have to go through an awful trauma to get free.
  • you will never get free of the cravings.
  • you will gain weight after you stop smoking.
  • it is going to be too painful or difficult.

Reasons why people say they want to quit smoking!

  • increasing cost. 
  • believe it is the thing to do. 
  • being pressured to quit.
  • increase life expectancy or  have health and wellnesses reasons.
  • smoking is linked to a pleasant memory, “sharing a cigarette with a loved one or friend”.

Whatever the reason or fear!

The Mind Enhancement Center can help you make that positive change today.  817-589-7407

The Wonders of Hypnosis

Many people look at hypnosis as a form of entertainment or to stop smoking, reduce weight or stress, but hypnosis is more than that.  Hypnosis has been approved by the American Medical Association and is taught in many medical schools today.  Hypnosis can, and is used to help people overcome many deep seated problems and issues, that have been imprinted into the subconscious mind.  

To give you a better understanding, think of a hard drive in a computer.  Once information is installed on a hard drive, it will remain there forever unless it is deleted.  The hard drive is considered the brain of the computer.  Now think of your subconscious mind as the hard drive of your brain.  Everything you have experienced since the moment of your birth is imprinted into your subconscious mind.  

We are all controlled by our sub-conscious mind.  We are not controlled by the conscious mind.    So if at the age of five years old, something happened that frightened you, that is still controlling you now.  Because once that fear is imprinted in the subconscious mind, it will remain there forever unless it is deleted (nullified).  Yes, you can delete (nullify) negative imprints  and replace them with good positive feelings and emotions.  A perfect example would be that you are five years old and an older brother, sister or friend, put you in a closet and would not let you out.  You are there in the dark in a small confined area, trying to get out without success.  Finally, you are allowed out of the closed and you find that you no longer want to be in the dark or in small confined areas.  And now you have a fear of the dark or confined areas.  Under these conditions, many people do not like to go in elevators.  Now the rational of an adult is saying it’s ok to go in an elevator but the five year old child is still afraid of that dark confined area and it is the five year old child that is controlling the adult. 

If you have a specific problem or issue, please call for information 817-589-7407 


     There has been a great deal of talk on the news about Smoking Cessation the last few days.  Many advertisements are showing the disabling effects that many smokers experience today.  

     In 2004, the Mind Enhancement Center (MEC) imported a customized program from England for Smoking / Tobacco cessation, that we personalize for each individual client.  The program is so dynamic that it was developed to be completed in one office visit that takes 2 1/2 to 3 hours.   

    We have so much confidence in our methods that we offer full back up support.   This means that if you ever start smoking again, whether it is two days or two years down the road, all you have to do is give us a call and we get you back in the office at not extra charge. 

     We welcome your questions.  817-589-7407

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